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Dog Proof Litter Box - Keep The Pup's Nose Out

Any cat owner with dogs knows the challenge of keeping the dog away from the litter box. A dog proof litter box is the perfect solution, containing cat litter in a sanitary way and keeping the dog out of the mess. There are numerous products available on the market. Through a simple online search, customers can find the litter box to fit their budget and their needs, keeping in mind a way to keep it out of sight, make sure the litter and debris stays in the box, and that all other pets in the household don't go anywhere near it

The Clever Cat Top Entry Box
Starting at a low price of under $35, the Clever Cat Top Entry cube is dog proof and keeps dogs, as well as young children, away from the cats toilet. It provides privacy with its enclosed design and will keep the cat from tracking mess through the house. It is made out of a durable plastic container with a lid, is easily cleaned, and can be stored out of sight to help eliminate odors or embarrassment when the cat is using its toilet. Its top entry opening is perfect for the cat while keeping others out.

The Litter Robot
This is an amazing innovation and a dog proof litter box as well. It has an automated cleaning system that sifts the used litter into a waste tray, ensuring the cat has a fresh toilet every time. With it's design of an opening geared for a cat, it will keep the dogs away, minimize odors, and make caring for the tray a breeze. At $339.99, it is a top of the line, expensive model but may well be worth it for the peace of mind it will bring by refreshing your home.

The Cat Genie Genie Dome
Just below $35 in price, the Cat Genie Genie Dome provides an enclosed, sturdy child proof litter enclosure. Designed to keep the litter and odors in, while keeping any kind of intruder out, this litter tray is an excellent option. It is made of durable plastic, is easy to clean, and provides privacy for the cat as well as keeping the litter and any mess out of sight. With its dome enclosure, it works very well for the cat while the dog will keep out of the mess. Enclosed enclosures are wonderful for eliminating tracked litter through the home.

The Bionaire Odor Grabber
The Bionaire Odor Grabber is another dog proof cat toilet with an enclosed design at just under $60. It is similar to the Cat Genie Dome, keeping odors and bits inside the box, giving the cat an environment that steers clear of the dog or any young children in the home, and helping owners to keep the cat out of sight when it needs privacy. It also is made of durable, plastic and is easy to maintain. Customers are sure to enjoy its features.

Litter boxes that are dog and child proof are available on the market at reasonable prices although owners can try more complex designs if they have the budget for such experiments. A decent equivalnet can be made at home simply by enclosing the box and providing an opening for the cat.