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Flushable Cat Litter Review

Flushable cat litter is compiled of flushable biodegradable materials that can go right down in the toilet. Materials such as processed corncobs, peanut shells, orange peels and whole kernel corn disintegrates fast when it touches sewer water. Smells are fragranced to mask unpleasant scents killing odor bacteria that decomposes in the septic tank and sewer naturally and extremely fast. Since we all have gone green, here are a few of the best environmentally safe flushable litter that is available on the market.

1. Pet Ecology Perfect Litter by National Pet Pharmacy:
This product refers to an organic heavy duty odor control flushable that is great especially if you have more than one cat. It is four hundred times more absorbent and ultra light in weight making this product a great go green flushable item. It scoops and flushes easily with no fuss or mess. It is 100% earth friendly composes of bio-degradable materials and SPCA approved.

2. Yesterdays News by Purina:
This product is an ecological and earth friendly item great for the person in an apartment with a cat. Also, this product does not tract dust, is easy to scoop and is made from recycled newspapers. This product is a softer version of clay type so your cat will make an easy transition.

3. Sweat Scoop by Pet Care Systems:
Made from wheat materials it has superior odor control. Eco-friendly natural materials are in this go green product. Clumps well and flushes well with little dust.

4. Cat Country by Mountain Meadows:
It is composed of western red winter wheat grass and great odor control and also is eco-friendly and does not tract dust. Besides that, it is also very easy to scoop and flush as it is made of organic ingredients.

5. Feline Pine by Feline Pine:
This eco-friendly litter is made of natural pine pellets with little dust tracking. Leave the pellets in the box until dissolved which is about every couple of weeks then clean litter box. It is biodegradable and affordable.

The Bottom Line

For the best eco-friendly organic cat litter, Pet Ecology Perfect Litter would be rated as number one. The second would be Yesterdays News. Both have great odor control, easy to scoop and flush leaving no dust tracks behind. Go green environmentally products help keep the world a better place for the future generations. These products eliminate using a plastic bag to remove the clay litter from the cat box and does not deteriorate for a long period of time. The price for each is basically the same give or take, depending where you buy it. Both products deliver a quality product that cats seem to like and want to use.