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Hidden Litter Boxes;- Only Kitty Will Know

The biggest problem with having a cat is finding an appropriate place for their litter box. No matter what kind of litter used or where you place it, the bathroom, a closet, or laundry room, there always seems to be a telltale odor and a mess around the outside. Anyway, it is definitely a great joy to learn that there are solutions to this problem with an enclosed litter compartment, a cat box that will blend in with your decor and still remain a "secret" to visitors. We investigated several types and manufacturers to help you in your search for the perfect hidden litter box.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Enclosure
Good Pet Stuff made the first one I found. It is a large-capacity hidden box that looks like a decorative clay flower pot, faux plant included. It is made of durable polypropylene and has a filtered vented system that works to control dust and odor. It comes in two pieces, the bottom part being the large litter box. The place I had reserved for mine was in a corner with the kitty opening turned away from the front. A small washable rug beneath eliminates any litter tracking. It even added to my decor, was inexpensive when compared to others, and gave no hint whatsoever of its purpose, adding to my delight.

Pet Cat Washroom For Merry
A company named Merry manufactured my second hidden litter tray discovery. It is called a Pet Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House. It looks similar to a night stand, is white with wainscoting paneling and has stainless steel hardware. It is big, 20 x 18 x 25 inches, weighs a hefty 31.5 pounds, and requires assembly. That made me pause. I am not mechanically inclined. However, it would blend in with some of my furniture, and the price was not much more than the faux plant. The assembly instructions sounded easy, it was very attractive for the price, and roomy inside for the intended use. I considered it.

Designer Catbox
Designer Catbox manufactured my third product that I looked at. This box carries a rather hefty price, but features a sold wood veneer with a stained wood grain finish. It is made to look like a blanket chest and has a dark stain. A hydraulic safety hinge holds the lid up for easy cleaning, and the outer hole can be set to right or left. It is large, also weighs over thirty pounds, and comes with detailed assembly instructions. It has storage for litter accessories inside the box so that everything can be concealed in one spot. It would easily blend with the decor in multiple areas of the home with no one would guessing its use. The top makes a great place for a kitty bed, that is, if you can get your kitty to sleep in a bed.

Even though this would be my first